Lirik Lagu ANGELS AIRWAVES – Tunnels

Lirik Lagu Tunnels – ANGELS AIRWAVES. Judul Lagu: Tunnels Penyanyi: ANGELS AIRWAVES I am still without devotion Because we’re all asleep at the wheel Asleep and so surrounded by what we feel Of that dream On a rope, and...

Lirik Lagu ANGELS AIRWAVES – The Adventure

Lirik Lagu The Adventure – ANGELS AIRWAVES. Judul Lagu: The Adventure Penyanyi: ANGELS AIRWAVES I wanna have the same last dream again, the one where I wake up and I’m alive. Just as the four walls close me within,...

Lirik Lagu ANGELS AIRWAVES – Secret Crowds

Lirik Lagu Secret Crowds – ANGELS AIRWAVES. Judul Lagu: Secret Crowds Penyanyi: ANGELS AIRWAVES (If I had my own world) (I’d build you an empire) If I had my own world I’d fill it with wealth and desire A...

Lirik Lagu ANGELS AIRWAVES – It Hurts

Lirik Lagu It Hurts – ANGELS AIRWAVES. Judul Lagu: It Hurts Penyanyi: ANGELS AIRWAVES Belum Ada Lirik

Lirik Lagu ANGELS AIRWAVES – Do It For Me Now

Lirik Lagu Do It For Me Now – ANGELS AIRWAVES. Judul Lagu: Do It For Me Now Penyanyi: ANGELS AIRWAVES Belum Ada Lirik